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Transport justice / injustice

Sustrans (2008) Towards Transport Justice: Transport and Social Justice in an Oil-Scarce Future
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Mobility data

There has been a huge reduction in the independent mobility of primary school children in England since 1971 [1]. For example, in 1971, 86% of the parents of primary school children surveyed said that their children were allowed to travel home from school alone. By 1990, this had dropped to 35%, and there was a further drop to 25% in 2010.

Benefits of 20mph speed limits

A study from the North West Public Health Observatory estimated the size of the benefit from 20 mph zones for each highway authority in north-west England [2].

Political structure

In a democracy, we need to remember who is the master and who is the servant.

So politicians and officials have no right to act as they wish. Instead, they should check from time to time that the populace are happy with the decisions that they have made and seek views on all important decisions.


[1] Adrian Davis (2013) Essential Evidence on a page: No. 96 Declining Independent Mobility among children http://www.travelwest.info/evidence - or from here

[2] L Deacon, C Perkins and M Bellis (2011) Road traffic collisions and casualties in the north west of England http://www.nwpho.org.uk/rtcs_nw/reports/RoadtrafficcollisionsandcasualtiesintheNW.pdf - or from here