Best practice: Footway parking

Examples of best practice by councils and police forces to combat footway (pavement) parking include the following actions.

Oxfordshire Councils with Thames Valley Police

Stickers (sized A5) have been produced and supplied free of charge by Oxfordshire County Council, for pedestrians to use to help keep pavements safe:

The design of the sticker is on the left (it includes the council and police logos), with example of use on the right:

Oxford windscreen sticker Oxford windscreen sticker Oxford windscreen sticker


Merseyside Police

A6 flyer in conjunction with Wirral and Liverpool pedestrian associations:

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Leicestershire Police

"Stay on the Level" literature:

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Greater Manchester Police

Tweet with image by GMP Traffic:
"Please remember that pavements are for pedestrians, don't force them to walk in the road."

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Sussex Police and partners

"Pavements are for people" flyers:

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Living Streets

"Don't obstruct our pavement" flyers
(from 2008)

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Permitted pavement parking

Many councils regulate pavement parking via the DfT system of white lines on the pavement and plaques on lamp posts.

This is from Blackburn.

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This is from Liverpool.

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