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Author: Ian Campbell BA BSc MD

Data source: DfT STATS 19 database, downloaded from Dec 2020.

Chart tool: first published Dec 2020, updated Feb 2021.

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Great Britain reported road casualties: People killed or seriously injured
YearPedestrianCyclistMotorcyclistCar occupantOtherTotal
2015 .csv5348333954078642113823874
2016 .csv5588349958729791114325893
2017 .csv6064379959419681113826623
2018 .csv62383806585110115128427294
2019 .csv62843795560410738127627697
2015 - 2019295221823828675489675979131381
The .csv link is a link to a database file for the area and severity group.
The meanings of the variable names and codes are given in the DfT file: road-accidents-safety-data/variable lookup.xls .